Sunday, 14 March 2010

"The electric guitar: my favourite musical instrument" by Marcos

Hello class and music fans,
This is my favourite instrument: The electric guitar.
There are many types as the acoustic, electric etc..
The electric guitar  has many parts: (as you can see in the picture)
* I will tell you  some  parts and  what they are for:
-The tablet: it's a device that transforms sound into electrical signals.
-Peg: its function is lade hold and tighten  the strings.
-Strings: its core is made of steel.
-Box: a mechanism that leads to a sound amplification system.
-Bridge: the strings are fixed  before  placing  and  tightening the peg.
-Talpiece: holds the stings to the body of the guitar.
-Selector: allows  use of  one  or more pills or  both at  once.
-Kicker: protects the finish  of the guitar.
-Mast soul:  compensates  the curvature of the tension  of the strings.
 Well,  here I  leave a video  of a person who  plays Marilyn Manson "sweet dreams" with an electric guitar,
I hope you like it!

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