Saturday, 12 February 2011

"Things of My Life with Mode Art" by Rafa

Hi bloggers,
This is my  work of Art. It's a Collage.
I made this collage with my photo, with three photos of my favourite players, my hobbies and my favourite momment in my life.
In the first image, you can see three images of three players:  Messi,  Iniesta and  Xavi Hernandez. They are my favourite football players. Messi won  The Golden Ball 2010,  but I think Xavi Hernandez is the best football player of the three.
In the second one, you can see my photos.
In the third image, you can see three balls. The ball of the 2010 league, the jabulani and the jabulani with the World cup and a lots of balls.
In the last  image, you can see a ball and a tennis racket with a tennis ball because football and tennis are my favourite hobbies.

Do you like my Work of Art?
Please, wite a comment with your opinion about the collage.


  1. Hello Mimi, I use the tools that I found in the web: