Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"All about my mum" by Rafa

My mum is beautiful. She´s wearing a long pink dress, hoops and a ring with bright and shining metal. Her shoes are big. Her watch is incredible. She has got black hair and black eyes, small ears and a big nose.
* ... And this is a typical day in her life:
On Saturday, my mum gets up at half past eight. She has cereal, a coffee,a piece of toast and milk. At half past nine she reads the newspaper and watches TV. Her favourite TV. serie is "House".
Two hours later, she goes for a walk and eats salad, tomato, pasta,bread and a glass of wine in a restaurant.
Much later, at ten o´clock , my mum watches a police television serie.
In the end, she goes to bed at quarter past eleven.
* More about muy mum:
Her favourite animals are the felines.
Her favourite food is salad,tomato,pasta,omelette and cheese.
Her hobbies are ballet,football,tennis and basketball. Her favourite music is classical and rock and roll. Her favourite bands are Queen,The Beatles and Super Tramp
Her favourite singer is John Lennon.She likes buying in the supermarket
in"Arteixo" and in the Mall in "A Coruña" town.

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