Friday, 1 April 2011

"My girl crush" by Adrian I.

Hello, people in love.
This is my girl crush.Created in Middle School Survival.
She has long and Straight black hair..
The colour of her eyes is green.
Her name is Xulina.She is my crush.She is adorable.
Taurus is her sign and she is always reliable and loving.
Do you love my girl crush?


  1. Isabel,class 4B4 April 2011 at 09:59

    I think that your girl crush is very nice.

  2. Thanks for your comment,Isabel.
    You are very nice too.

  3. Rahela class 4E6 April 2011 at 19:50

    Hello Adrian:
    your post is beautiful and amazing;
    good job!
    see you!

  4. Denise from class 4E26 April 2011 at 11:16

    Hello Adrian!
    I think your post is very beautifull and amazing!
    Good job and a virtual kiss! :-*)