Friday, 22 April 2011

"Red and blue gnomes" by Rafa

Hi world,
I have created this gnomes at Gnomeo and Juliet. At this page, you can choose a red or a blue gnome and then you can choose if the gnome is a boy or a girl.

First character: A male gnome
In this image, you can see a blue gnome. It's a boy. His name is Michael, like Michael Jackson. He is wearing a blue jacket, black jeans and black shoes. Michael has got fair skin, blue eyes, yellow eyebrows, a big nose and a grey and small beard. Michael is happy because is in a big and precious garden.

Second character: A female gnome
In this image, you can see a red gnome. It's a girl. Her name is Isabel. She is wearing a precious and expensive costume. It is made of wool. Isabel has got fair skin, green eyes, brown eyebrows, a small nose and long and brown hair. Isabel is happy because she is wearing an elegant dress.

See you on the next post, followers!!!!


  1. Rubén class 4E26 April 2011 at 10:48

    Hello Rafa
    Your work is very fun and cool
    See you!!!

  2. Hello Rafa: In my opinion it´s very good amazing
    See you!!!