Saturday, 19 December 2009

"Maná" by David Iglesias

My favourites groups are "El Canto del Loco" and "Maná".
Today, I'm going  to talk about Maná.
I like Maná and I listen to their music because my mother likes Maná, too.
They come from Mexico.
They play rock and latin-rhythm. They have got a lot of awards.
Their names are Fernando, Alejandro, Sergio and John.
Now,  I'm going  to describe them.
Fernando: He is single and he hasn´t got any children. He is the singer.
                                                       Alejandro: He plays the drums. He has got a daughter.
                                                       Sergio: He plays the guitar. He has got three children.
                                                       John:  He plays the  bass. He has got a daugther.
                                                       Now, we can listen to their  music and watch their video. Click here.
                                                       Goodbye !!

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