Sunday, 31 January 2010

"Sports that I like and I don't like" by David Iglesias

There are sports of winter and summer.
In the olimpics games, the summer sports are 26 and the winter sports are 7.
There are sports that they aren´t olimpics. For exemple: rugby, karate, baseball, golf, polo, surf etc.
I like basketball a lot and my favourite team is Los Angeles Lakers and
my favourite player is Pau Gasol.
My favourite team in Spain is Barcelona.
I don´t like soccer and handball.
I hate golf because when I watch it, I`m bored.
I like tennis. My favourite tennis players are Rafa Nadal and Fernando Verdasco.
I like judo, cycling, gym,and skateboard.
I play basketball and badminton, I ride my bike, I go swiming and jogging.
But, all this activity tired a lot!