Sunday, 20 December 2009

"Michael Jackson" by Victor and Iago.

Hi class. we are Víctor and Iago working together. :-)
His name is Michael. His surname is Jackson. He was Born in Gary,in Indiana.
His parents names are Joseph and Katherine. His father is also passionate about music.He was a music group and the name of the group is "The Falcons".
As a kid he sang with his brothers: The Jackson Five. The names of the brothers are Jackie, Tito, Jermanie and Marlon.
Michael is the king of Pop. Began to be a soloist at age 13 and his first albun as soloist was "Got to be there" in the year 1972.
His song "Thriller" was a best seller. The video is fantastic!
"This is it" was the last album.
Michael Jackson died on 25 June, in 2009.
*Click on the image to see the video "Thriller"

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