Saturday, 19 December 2009

"Who is Lisa?" by Marta

Hello class,
This is Lisa Simpson.
She is 8 years old.
She lives in Springfield, a town in the USA. (Is it real?)
She has got a brother and a sister. Their names are Bart and Maggie.
Her father is Homer and her mother is Marge.
She has got a dog and a cat. Their names are Santa Claus and Snow ball.
Her hair is short and yellow. Her eyes are big and black.
She always wears a red dress and red shoes.
Lisa can play the saxophone.
She enjoys school.
She doesn´t like her brother. (Well, sometimes!)
Lisa doesn´t have any friends. (Just Milhouse!)
Her favourite TV programme is "Itchy and Scratchy".
She has got excellent marks.
Bye friends

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