Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"All about sports " by Sofía

Hi there,
There are lots of sports. Sports that you can do, sports that you can play and others that you don't play or you don't do.
* Sports that you can play:
football, volleyball, basketball, handball, baseball, hockey, hockey on ice, tennis, table tennis, golf, waterpolo, polo, rugby, billards, cards, softball etc...
These sports are played with a ball.
* Sports that you can do:
Sumo, karate, kickboxing, judo, kung-fu, tai-chi, taekwondo, capoeira, boxing, gym etc...
These sports not are played with a ball.
(Guys, if you want to know more, click on read more, please. My post is very long!)

* Other Sports:
Swimming, skatebording, rollerblading, /skating, iceskating, cycling, flying a kite, sailing a boat/surfing/windsurfing, ballooning etc...

My favourite sport is riding. You need a horse to enjoy this sport.
This is all for the moment.


  1. Very good sofia the post is very long, by César.

  2. Yes, it's a very long and good post, Sofía.

  3. Hello, this post is very good but it´s very long I like a lot, by Marta.

  4. Hi Sofy, her post is very good I like a lot, by Paula