Friday, 23 April 2010

" Noemi's life "by David Iglesias

The childre on the photo are my cousins Oscar and Noemi. Noemi wakes up at ten past seven and she gets up a quarter past seven. After that, she has a shower, she dries and brushes her hair. After that,  she puts on her uniform. She has milk, cereals and an orange juice for breakfast and then she brushes her teeth.
At eight o'clock she goes to school in her mother's car. At half past two she goes back home to have lunch.  At half past three she helps her mother and after that she does her homework and studies hard.
Sometimes she watches television and then she talks with her friends on the computer . Later she visits Think in English because she is our fan.  At nine o'clock she prepares her clothes for the nex day, then  she has dinner and she goes to bed.
Do you like my cousin?

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