Thursday, 17 June 2010

"My life" by Sayra"

Hello friends,
My name is Sayra, I'm 11 years old. I live in a flat, with my mum and my dad. I've got fair skin, brown eyes and brown, straigt long hair.
I study in Arteixo, at a school Ponte Dos Brozos.
Every day, I get up at eight o'clock , then I have a shower and get dressed. Later I have breakfast and go to school at a quater past nine.
Then, I go home and have lunch. Later I go to the park.
Then I study and have a bath. Later I watch television and have tea and in the evening, I read my book and I go to bed at ten o'clock.
* The things that I like best are:
I like animals. I love cats and budgies. I've got one cat. Her name is Cachirula. One dog, his name is Paolo Nicolas and one budgie, her name is Manitas.
Today, I'm wearing a purple tracksuit a blue sweater and purple trainers, but not on this photo.
I like basketball and rollerblading.
I like fruit . My favourite is banana and apple.
My favourite subject at school is maths and gymnastics.
I like music and I play the guitar. My favourite singer is Hannah Montana and my favourite song is "Pop princess". And my favourite band is Jonas brothers.
My favourite colours are red and blue.
I love reading and my favourite book is "Kika super bruja detective" and My favourite comics are "Paturuzu" and "Mafalda"
My favourite movie is " Titanic". My favourite actress is Selena Gómez.
My favourite video game is "Nintendogs".
My favourite tv serie is "Patito feo". My favourite cartoon is " The Simpsons".
Bye bye class.
I hope you like my daily routines and my life.

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