Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Barça Vs Real Madrid" by Adrian I.

Hello, guys!
Barça 2 , Real Madrid 0!!
This image are Barça and Real Madrid.
Yesterday, Mouriño was a very bad looser.
And Messi is very similar to Pele.
I was at the Bernabeu and it was very exciting.
Messi signed an autograph to me.
Christiano told me if I wanted an autograph but I told him that I didn't want it.
And Barça is the winner of this match.
Do you like my post about Barça Vs Real Madrid?
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  1. Is true ??????????????

  2. I can't believe it!! Is it true, Adrian?
    I think it's fantasy ;-)

  3. Yes is true.
    This day Fantasty:)

  4. I prefer Barça but the team of my soul is Deportivo de la Coruña football Club.

  5. Rahela class 4E29 April 2011 at 15:56

    Hello Adrian:
    I love your post!
    Up Barça!
    good job!
    see you!

  6. Soraya class 4E29 April 2011 at 16:06

    Hello Adrian!!
    My favorite team is Barça!!And you?
    See you!

  7. Adrian your post is very good, but I'm of the Real Madrid, goodbye and Hala Madrid!!!!!

  8. Hello Adrian!
    I prefer Barca.
    And you?
    A virtual kiss: -*)