Sunday, 20 February 2011

" Iconscrabble friends" by Rafa

Hi friends,
These are my scrabbles made at Iconscrabble,
They are my best friends:

Martín, David Ramos, Eduardo and Adríán Zas

Martín is my childhood friend. He has got brown long hair and brown eyes. He studies at Ponte dos Brozos School like me. His class is 6F. He likes playing football and tennis. His favourite football player is Fernando Torres, now Fernando Torres plays for Chelsea Football Club. Martin likes playing with the Nintendo DS, with the Wii and with the Play Station 2.

I met David Ramos in 5 grade. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. Now, he studies in the C.E.I.P. Arteixo. David Ramos studies in the new school with my 5 grade classmates. David Ramos was a blogger. He likes playing football and basketball. Sometimes David Ramos, Martín, Adrián Zas, Eduardo, my brother David and I play football in the park.

I met Eduardo in the park when I was 6 years old. Now, Eduardo studies in the C.E.I.P. Arteixo, he isn't at my school. He likes football and archery. His favourite football player is Messi. Eduardo likes playing with the Nintendo DS. His favourite Nintendo DS game is Pokemon Gold.

I met Adrián Zas in 5 grade too. His hobbies are: basketball and insects. In his house has got a lot of basketball medals and a lot of dried beetles. He likes cowboy games, football games and car games.

Do you like my Iconscrabbles?

Please write a comment with your opinion about the Iconscrabbles.

And this is all for the moment?


  1. Hi friends, this is my first comment in your blog. I think it's great. You are doing a very very very good job. I'm sorry to start with one of Rafa's posts but he is my son and he deserves it. I promise to post more comments if Aurora, your teacher, lets me. Bye, see you soon.


  2. Thank you very much for your nice words, Paz!
    Comments from parents are always welcome, of course.
    Even in Spanish, I would be delighted with your contribution.

  3. thanks you Rafa's mother becaust your comment

  4. Hello Rafa's mother, I'm very happy because do you like our blog, thank you very much and happy carnival Paz¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  5. Thanks you Rafa's mum
    I hope you make more coments

  6. Thanks for you comment Rafa's mother