Tuesday, 30 November 2010

"Japanese pizza" by Rafa

Hi class,
This is my custom pizza.
It is a Japanese pizza because it has a lot of shrimps. This is the list of ingredients:
* 1- A lot of shrimps surrounding the pizza.
* 2- Two salamis as eyes.
* 3- Four peppers.
* 4- Two tomatoes as jowls.
* 5- Six mushrooms as eyebrows.
* 6- Fifteen olives as a mouth.
* 7- One kebab as a tongue.
* 8- Mozzarella as nose.
* 9-My secret ingredient: Garlic.
Do you like my Japanese pizza?

P. S. : You can see my signature on the top of the pizza. It was very difficult to write it.

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