Friday, 12 November 2010

"My collections and my mum's collections" by Inés

Hi guys,This post is about my two collections.

*One is a collection of shells: three bieiras, one sea ear, two oyster, sixten limpets, two buccinun
undatum, two pelicans foot, twelve monodonta lineata, two types of minchas, eighteen of one type and twenty three of the other type, twenty - one nassarias reticulatus or snails, other big snail and the last snail is the moust biger, ten deteriorated shells 'cause of the tide,four mussels,fourteen cockle,six or seven cockles,seven shell watch,two almonds shell,eleven coquinas,four longostillos, and five other types.

* The other collection is about glass. The glass pieces are from the beach.
I have seven white, six brown, nine blue, seven green, five yellow, four orange, one red and one pink and this is the one that I like.I also have nine stones on the beach.
In total, I have got hundred sixty -six shells and thirty - nine pieces of glass and nine stones.

I took the glass from the beach in the village of Laxe.

Bye. 'Till another post, friends


  1. I like your collections. I miss you.
    A kiss.Zeltia.

  2. and i miss you Zeltia.
    A kiss for you, Paula Marta and sofia.