Sunday, 5 December 2010

" All about Allie" by Rafa.

Hi classmates,
This is Allie.
She lives in Russia, in Siberia. She has got a little house in the wood. Allie lives with her parents.
Her mother's name is María. She has got yellow short hair and fair skin. She is 40 years old.
Her grandmother's is Blanca. She has got black long hair and fair skin too. She is 87 years old.
In the photo, Allie is wearing a grey fur hat with flaps, a black scarf and a silver necklace.  She is wearing blue boots on her feet.
Allie always wears a purple coat because in the wood, it's thirty degrees below zero.
She has got a wooden sled to play in the snow with her friends. They make snowmen too.

Do you like Allie?

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