Sunday, 16 January 2011

"Bakugan defender of the Core" by Rafa.

Hi Bakugan fans,
At Christmas, my friend Eduardo said:
- The videogame that I like  is "Bakugan Defender of the Core". On the videogame, you can fight like Dragonoid, Hades, Helios... and another Bakugan, but you you can't fight like new mechanicals Bakugans. You can visit New Vestroia and the Earth. With a Bakugan, you can fly over the city. During the fight the Bakugan can destroy the buildings, the cars and the flats of the city.
This videogame  is incredible!
Do you like this videogame?
Please, write a comment with your opinion about this videogame.
And this is all for the moment!

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  1. Pablo class 4B4 April 2011 at 10:06

    Hello Rafa!!!
    in my opinion, it is a bomb,interesting and spectacular