Monday, 24 January 2011

"Dani Griffin's concert" by Rafa

Hi dear bloggers,
On the 21th of February, all 6th grade children are going to"Espacio Coruña" to Dani Griffin's concert.
Dani Griffin was born in 1996 in U.S.A., in Chicago. He sings for the English book "Cool kids".
At the concert, Dani Griffin is going to sing the following songs:
- "Nobody is listening"
- "Slide"
- "Travel with us"
- "Africa"
- "A friend"
- "London Town"
- "I ride my bike"
But my favourite Dani Griffin's song is "Travel with us"
You can find the lyrics of all these songs on "Little Bloggers"

* Dani's webpage.
*Dani's Biography.

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