Sunday, 23 January 2011

"A debil and mortal yoghurt"by Inés

Hi boys and gerls,
Do you like yogourt? Because I recomend you dont eat this yogourt and you go to know now why!!
The yogourt's  ingredients are these:

  1. Green cream.
  2. 2 berry medusas.
  3. 4 spookie cookies.
  4. 1 scary berry.
  5. 1 jellymeans.
  6. 2 mean & meanies.
  7. 1 dr pea & mr nut.
  8. 1 spider kiwi
  9. 1 ffranken mallobw.
This was a part of the ingredients.
Well ... now,  I'm going to put here the rest of the ingredients:

  1. 1 bat.
  2. A fire.
  3. 1 scull inside the fire.
  4. 1 pumpkin.
  5. 1 scull.
  6. 1 hand skeleton.
  7. 1 lilac scull with horned

And these were all the ingredients.
But now, it is time to describe the music because the music is cute horrible, a bit little annoying, and diabolic or debil.
And finallym,  the background.  The background has got a haunted castle with a cementery  at night.
And this is all for the moment!!

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