Thursday, 17 February 2011

"The ride to the pichichi" by Rafa

Hi football fans,
This is my football collage.
In the collage, you can see the T-shirt of Cristiano Ronaldo and his spectacular boots. And you can see  Messi's T-shirt and my custom boots of the Football Club Barcelona too.
In the first image, you can see the Cristiano Ronaldo T-shirt. Cristiano Ronaldo won a lot of awards. He won the Golden ball 2008 with "The Reds"(Manchester United). Cristiano Ronaldo won three leagues in England with the same team.
In the second one, you can see the Cristiano Ronaldo's boots. The boots have got black and white dots. This boots cost  € 400 .
In the third image, you can see the Messi's T-shirt. Messi won the Golden ball 2009 and the Golden Ball in 2010. In the Golden Ball 2010 Messi won over Xavi Hernández and Iniesta. But I think Xavi Hernández is the best player of the three.
In the last image, you can see my customized boots of The Football Club Barcelona. The boots are red and purple and have purple cords.
You can customize your boots, T-shirts, balls, and football bags of your favourite team in this web:

Who won the ride to the pichichi?. Two football players: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi

Do you like my  football collage?
Please, write a comment with your opinion about the collage.


  1. Hello!
    Your work is very good.

  2. Noelia class 4B4 April 2011 at 10:10

    Hello Rafa :
    Your ride to the pichichi it's fantastic and great