Thursday, 3 February 2011

"This is my bedroom"by Sergio

Hi everyone!
This is my bedroom and It's very cool, don't you think so?
It's the most important bedroom in the house.
It's got two green walls and the other one is a city.
It's got a cool bed, red and grey curtains, a basket,
a black cupboard, a disco ball, many
lamps, a white sofa, a red chair, a wood chair, a CD player, a skateboard,
an electric guitar, two shelves, five paintings,
two towels, a carpet and a pad. It's very amazing.
I love this bedroom.
Bye and write a comment, please.


  1. I love your bedroom, Sergio.
    I think it's the most elegant room than I have seen lately. ;-)
    Sorry for deleting that post about that room that fateful day. Hee hee hee :-)

  2. I like your bedroom is very funny :¬)
    Bye Sergio.