Thursday, 3 February 2011

"My trick- out mouse collage" by Rafa

Hi penfriends,
This is my Trick-out mouse collage.
The name of the first image is Mercury because it has a beautiful colour on the top. It has golden dubz, a red flashing light bar, a turbo intake, offroad lights, a cool purple neon and the background is a Japanese city.
The name of the second image is  Crossbones because it has a big crossbone. It has small silver wheels, some crossbones, a plasma cannon like Star Wars, offroad headlights, a grey wing,  dirty colours on the top, the background is a desert beach.
The name of the third image is Panzertiger because it's a horrific tank. It has a green tank turret, it has two pointed red horns, a nitrous tank, a camouflage paint and the background is the  Sahara desert.
The name of the last mouse is Demonic because it's a devil mouse. It has two monster truck wheels, a devil pointed red horn, a devil's tail, a red pitchfork, a painting flame and the background is a street with a lot of graffitis.
Do you like my trick- out mouse's collage?
Please write a comment with your opinion about the mice.
And this is all for the moment, friends.


  1. Good job, Rafa!
    Fame costs, you know? ;-)

  2. Hello Rafa!
    In my opinion your post of cars is very,very cool.
    See you!