Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"My fashion studio" by Alba

Hello, friends.
This is my fashion studio.
The girl has got sunglases and she is also wearing a white ribbon.
She is also wearing a polka dot shirt with a red belt, black pants and red shoes,  a black bracelet and she is carrying a red bag.

Total Girl's outfit:
Sunglases 3.99 pounds.
Harrand set 3.99 pounds.
Bag 12.99 pounds.
Bangle 3.99 pounds.
Bracelet 3.99 pounds.
Dress 24.99 pounds.
Jeans 24.99 pounds.

The boy has got a black hat and is also wearing a sunglasses.
She is also wearing a blue jacket, red t-shirt ,black jeans and a red shoes.

Total Boy´s outfit:
Sunglasses 3.99 pounds.
Hat 5.99 pounds.
Jacket 14.99 pounds
T-shirt 7.99 pounds
Jeans 24.99 pounds
Shoes 12.99 pounds

Link: H & M Fashion studio.

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