Monday, 18 April 2011

"Three rabbids, three personalities" by Ana

Hy world,
 These are my rabbids. They are super rabbits.
The name of the first rabbid is John.
The name of the second rabbid is Jamahita.
And the name of the third rabbid is Albus.
John is the president of the  U.S.A, he is very brave, friendly and active.
He likes football, his favourite football team is Real Madrid (Like me!).
Jamahita is a karate Rabbid, he is very good at martial arts.
His favourite food is sushi.
Albus is a very good wizard, he has got a magic wand.
His favourite country is Canada.
I've created these rabbids at "You as a rabbid"

See you and post a comment please.


  1. Hello Ana!In my oppinion yours rabbids are amazing,pretty...My favourite rabbid is the wizard!What's your favourite rabbid?See you!

  2. Thanks Roi for your comment, my favourite rabbit is Jamahita. What is the rabbit for you, more happy?????