Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Who are they?" by David Iglesias

They are Frank and Rosy. They are married.
They have got a big dog.Their dog is very quiet because when they go to walk, it is very tired.
They are in the living-room.Their living room is very confortable and cozy.
They have got plants because Rosy likes plants.
They are very happy bacause they are reading and they really like reading.
They are wearing confortable clothes.
They are at home because they are waiting a phone call.

You can choose differents images in Mekanism and write about them.
I have post more stories like this on my personal blog:  Dave's blog in English.
I hope you like them.


  1. Claudia, class 4E26 April 2011 at 10:53

    Hello David.I.
    Your work is very cool and incredible!
    See you!

  2. Thanks Claudia for your coment. You can visit my blog