Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Incredible and intimidating mosters" by Rafa

Hi class,
In this post,you can see a collage.
You can create your collage at  picnik.
I have created this mosters at playnormous.

                                                    First image:
In this image, you can see a sinester and strange moster. This moster is an insect, a very, very big insect.
The name of the monster is flying Death. So called because she kills tigers, elephants, lions, ostrichs and ostrichs eggs. It lives in the Savannah. It lives about 40 years. It is black. Flying Death has got small yellow and red eyes. It has got two big black arms and black legs. It has got wings and it can fly and swim.

                                                     Second image:
In this image, you can see a huge and a nervous monster. This monster is a kind of bird and mammal. The name of the monster is "The enormous" because she is very big. "The enormous" eats whales, elephants, gorillas, lions and Hercules beetle and Titans beetle. It lives in the jungle. It is light blue. It has got purple eyes and a yellow big mouth. It has got two small light blue wings, but it can fly because "The enormous" is very fat.

See you on the next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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