Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Sara's house" by Andrea

Hello friends.
This is Sara's house.
Sara is a young girl who lives in a very modern house. She is a reporter on Telecinco channel.
I have created her house at Armstrong.
Her house is very big and modern.
In the bedroom,  there's an orange and green bed, a white picture, a brillant closet, a pretty mirror.
In the bathroom,  there's a white and brown bath, a beautiful plant, a brown cupboard, a modern basin, a white toilet.
In the living room,  there's a pretty sofa, a brown table, a brown and beige armchair, a cupboard.
In the kitchen,  there are five chairs, a white table, a cooker, a washing-machine, a microwave, an oven, and  a fridge.
See you, friends.
Do you like Sara's house??

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sara!!!
    Your avatar is dificult.
    see you.