Friday, 10 June 2011

" Danger!! Skarks!!! by Rafa

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This post is about many class of sharks.
You can see all the informacion about sharks.
Sharks live in the ocean and in the hot water of the Caribean sea. Sharks are fish and there are cold-blooded. Their skin is sharp like their teeth. They have got a very strong tail. They move their tail from side to side when they swim.
Many sharks have got two fins on their back. Sharks need oxygen. Sharks breathe water. The water has got oxygen in it. All sharks have got five or more pairs of gills on each side of their head.

There are many different types of shark. For example the whale shark or the great white shark. The whale shark is the biggest and the fattest shark in the world.  It is more than 12 metres long. The white shark is the most dangerous shark in the world. You can find sharks in the sea and some sharks can swim in the rivers, too. A shark can have 3000 teeth. When a shark's tooth falls out, another one grows in its place. Sharks eat fish, crabs and prawns. Big sharks eat seals, dolphins and smaller sharks,too.

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