Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"School memories" by Rafa

Hi class,
This is my farewell post and my last post.
Today I'm going to talk about something that all of you remember very well, I suppose.

I began to study in this school when I was only 2 years old because we started classes on September 10th and my birthday is on September 13th.
My first teacher was Verónica and my classmates were some of you: David Iglesias, Xián... My brother David was there, in my old classroom, too. We were the "Ladybugs classroom". We wore an apron with green and white stripes. We played almost all the time, we song, we danced too and we began to learn the letters and numbers and we drew a lot of beautiful pictures.

One year, in Carnival, I can't remember if it was in the first or in the second year, we dressed up as pirates with swords and spyglasses. We looked fantastic. Another year we dressed up as mushrooms.

Then, three years later we moved into another building. It's next to the one where we are now. In 1st and 2nd grades my teacher was Elena. She taught us to read and to write. We played football in the playground during the break while we ate our sandwiches. My brother and I played judo too.

In 3th and 4th grades, my teacher was Pilar and we had to go to school by bus.

In 5th grade my brother and I were in different classes. He was in Argimiro's class with some of you and I was in Pili's class with most of you. Then, this year, in our 6th grade, some of our mates had to change to the new school (CEIP Arteixo), the one that is in front of this building, near the swimming poool.
This is our last year in this school. We are the oldest and therefore we always play in the football pitches. Nobody younger than us can use them. I think alL of us are going to miss this school, our teachers and Blogging in Arteixo next year. We are going to go to the High School.

ENJOY your holidays. Next year we have to study very hard to pass our exams.

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Goodbye forever school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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