Sunday, 13 February 2011

"Made for each other" by Rafa

Hi bloggers,
This is my collage for Valentine's day.
On Valentine's day, people give away things like roses to their partner and try to get an  appointment with her.
In the first image, you can see a man birdbot. It sname is George. It has got  blue feathers  and yellow stars. It  has got pink  headphones because it likes listening to music. George has got beautiful glasses. George has got a small tail and blue legs.
In the second image, you can see a woman birdbot. Its name is María. It has got pink feathers. It has got pink eyes. It has got moor legs and moor wings. It likes reading and it likes swimming in the swimming pool.
And on Monday, George and María will have dinner in an Italian restaurant.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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