Thursday, 3 March 2011

"We're all dressed up at Carnival!" by Sergio

Hi bloggers!!
This is me and my class mates dressed up and having fun!
I love this photopeach because I can't stop laughing!
I put a very cool music: "The time" by Black eyed Peas.
On this photopeach, you can see myself and César, Adrián I, 
Adrián Z, Alba, Andrea, Aroa, Rafa, David Iglesias, 
David Fariña, Cornelia, Alex Villar, Alex Mariño, Xián, 
Vero, Fabián, Aitor, Miguel, Aurora, the teacher, 
Inés, Ana, Madai and finaly Deyber.
These are all my class mates.
I hope you like this post. See you!
And have a happy Carnival!


  1. Hi Sergio,
    I'm Rafa. I love this post and this photopeach.
    And good music (Black eyed Peas)
    Good job
    Bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!