Sunday, 13 March 2011

"My cars on Nissan Juke Studio" by David Iglesias

Hello Bloggers!
 These are my Nissan cars.
I have created  them in Nissan Juke Studio .
I have got three cars :
Each one is designed by a different artist.
My three cars are grey, yellow and white, all them are very cool.
 The first one is a  Sport driving mode car. Its designer is Mahfood. He is a comics illustrator.
 The second one is a  Normal driving mode car . Its designer is Eaton. He was an urban painting and now he designs toys.
 The third one  is a Eco driving mode car. Its designer is Jeremyville. He wrote a book .
Do you like my cars?


  1. Adrian,Class 4E1 April 2011 at 18:47

    Hello David!
    My name is Adrian.
    I like yours cars,my favorite is the number 3,is very nice.
    See you!!!!

  2. Hello Adrian!
    Thanks for your coment.
    My favorite is the number three too.